Noshpad is a design concept for an iPad fast casual restaurant menu.

Last Summer I had an idea. Why couldn't we put restaurant menus onto iPads.

Your first reaction is probably the same as mine. "$500.00 iPads in the hands of hungry 7-year-olds?"

Of course, this is a problem. Custom bezels and monitored "assistance" are not real fixes. A company isn't going to spend $40,000+ on iPads, protection, software licensing and the like for something that yields no immediate benefits. And that's per location. How much return could these damn things show?

I considered this over a plate of wings, then something struck me.

What do I care about the economics?

Tablet PC's, lead by the iPad, have become our little darlings. They are logarithmically accepted more every day. Within two to five years, someone will have a bulk $40 tablet. I just want to be on the forefront of the design of these damn things, as both an experienced consumer digital signage designer a fan of menus. That's right, I'm a fan of menus. I spent way too much time in the early-nineties re-designing menus for my favorite local Columbus Ohio restaurants.

This is a design experiment, showing off the wonderful assets from Red Robin.

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